Data to Wisdom

We live in the Information Era, where knowledge is everywhere and everything. The proper management of knowledge, however, presupposes the existence of mechanisms for organising information, in order to match the appropriate pieces together.

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Moving from Folksonomies to Taxonomies: Using the Social Web and 3D to Build an Unlimited Semantic Ontology

In this paper, we suggest a system which will take advantage of the Social Web and put it to work so that it will operate under the common cause of categorising old and new data into an unlimited Semantic Ontology. This ontology will be created gradually and ever-changing, like a versatile encyclopaedia of information compiled from interconnected data. With the addition of a 3D Web interface on top of the ontology management mechanisms, the entire experience will become more user friendly, providing graphical presentation of all opinions and interpretations in a clear and comparable manner.

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