About a girl

Never say never
’cause nothing lasts for ever,
Our feelings for each other
can also make us sever

It could be dolorous
a mystery, a tragedy,
Surprisingly treacherous
afraid of what you’re gonna see

I don’t even know
If I’ll awake to see tomorrow,
but I can predict
The end won’t bring just sorrow…

It could be a relief
your greatest achievement,
You could change belief
and forget of commitment

You can’t even tell
what’s right and what’s written,
Don’t let go thy lief
and nothing is forbidden…

I don’t want to see you
kill yourself like this,
I just want to make you
happier to kiss

Deep inside you have
a rich plethora of feelings
All I want from you
is teach me how to see this…

Help me touch and taste
your sultry soul and body,
Let me watch your face
while you’re sleeping by me

Life is not that hard
when someone really loves you,
And I am always here
a person who adores you