What it is, it was and what it was, will be…
There are just too much in life to see
Let’s not waste our life in here…
Shutdown now and breathe the air…

Go outside, take a walk
Listen to the birds ‘n’ people talk
Cause the net cannot compare
To a chat like over there…

You can’t see the others’ face
You can’t guess the others’ race
There is only a big dull screen
And a keyboard in your dream

Stay inside, take a nap
Rest your eyes and don’t tap
All those buttons, all the time…
They will just hurt your mind

(If you still have one, If it’s not gone)

Sleep for hours, sleep for days
Stay away from the ugly maze
But never FeaR of the unknown…
The end is near… open the door

It’s here to make you happy
It’s here to smash your chains
I’m bored of all this shit…
I’ll go live for a change…